SAU 31

Newmarket School District offices are located on the third floor of Newmarket’s Town Hall.  Offices located in the building are the Superintendent, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Business Administration, Student Services and Food Services.

The Superintendent serves as chief executive officer of the school district and chief advisor to the School Board. Leadership of the district is through a collaborative approach that involves an Administrative Cabinet and a Leadership Team. The Cabinet is comprised of the Superintendent, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Director of Student Services, and the Business Administrator. Members of the Leadership Team include all the members of the Cabinet along with both School Principals. On an as needed basis, this group is joined by Assistant Principals, Director of Guidance, Technology Operations Manager, and District Special Education Coordinator.

Position Name email phone office loc.
Accounting Asst. Rachel Spainhower 603-292-7985

SAU Office

Business Admin.

Lisa Ambrosio 603-292-7984

SAU Office

Executive Secretary

Penny Botterman 603-292-7597

SAU Office

Food Services Dir.

Linda Hopey 603-292-7934

SAU Office


Teresa Marvin 603-292-7983

SAU Office

Student Services,
Administrative Asst.

Sherry Puchlopek 603-292-7989

SAU Office

Student Services Dir.

Erica MacNeil 603-292-7989

SAU Office


Dr. Susan Givens 603-659-5020

SAU Office

Technology Operations

Jason Carey Tech Support Help Desk 603-659-3271

Jr/Sr High School