PUBLIC STATEMENT Re: Principal Mazzone



January 9, 2020


Superintendent Susan Givens and Newmarket Junior-Senior High School Principal Christopher Mazzone release this joint statement in order to clarify any misunderstanding related to Principal Mazzone’s recent absence from Newmarket Junior-Senior High School.  The circumstances underlying Mr. Mazzone’s absence have been resolved.  Both Mr. Mazzone and Superintendent Givens have acted in good faith and want the public to know that aside from this statement, there will be no further comments made regarding this matter.


As some of you may know, Mr. Gregory Marles, who has served as the Town and School Facilities Director for the past two and a half years has resigned, effective January 10, 2020, to take a position closer to his home.  In addition to the day-to-day tasks for facility maintenance, Mr. Marles is responsible for managing the school renovation project.


Given Mr. Mazzone’s familiarity with the construction project, as well as school operational systems, security protocols, and his prior construction experience, we are pleased to announce he will take over school facility responsibilities from Mr. Marles, as well as other administrative responsibilities for the school district.  Mr. Mazzone will continue in this capacity for the remainder of the school year.  Taking his place as Principal at Newmarket Junior-Senior High School is Mr. Sean Pine, who will serve as Interim Principal for the remainder of the school year.  The District will commence the search for a permanent replacement for the Junior-Senior High School principal in the coming weeks.   


We regret any confusion that exists and any uncertainty this situation has created for members of the public, staff, and students.  The Superintendent, School Board, and Mr. Mazzone will continue to work together in the best interest of our students.  The public is encouraged to positively support them all in these efforts.