Newmarket town seal

Scene of modern newmarket downtown

High school front view

Elementary school front view

The Town

As a small but vital community located in the seacoast of New Hampshire, the town of Newmarket continues to retain its character as a scenic mill town along the banks of the Lamprey River and Great Bay. Newmarket's historical past as a New England river town saw the growth and changing of its mills from early sawmills to a thriving textile industry which has in turn given way to new venture high tech companies and dozens of smaller businesses.

The Lamprey River, winding through the town, plays a special yet changing role in the town's life. Formerly serving as a major water transportation link connecting the inland regions with Portsmouth harbor and the Atlantic Ocean, the Lamprey is now appreciated as a significant recreational asset to the region with its opportunities for fishing, boating and access to the larger Great Bay tidal basin area.

The heart and soul of Newmarket does not reveal itself to those intent on a quick drive through its downtown on the way to somewhere else. To meet the "real" Newmarket, stray from Route 108 corridor and discover the tranquil downtown waterfront, the newly-opened community center, the old sprawling salt water farms and new homes and condominiums along Great Bay.

The Schools

The Newmarket School District provides education to just over 1,000 students in preschool through grade twelve in two schools. The Elementary School serves students in grades PreK-5 and the Jr/Sr High School serves students in grades 6-12.

Newmarket's schools combine reasonable class sizes, standards-based curriculum and assessment, and outstanding teaching and support staff to create excellent learning environments for its students. People recognize the quality of education that our students receive, often commenting about how teachers extend themselves to personalize learning for their child. People also recognize that we are committed to continuous improvement, that is, we are continually examining what we do in order to be better tomorrow than we are today. In addition to our commitment to academic success, Newmarket is proud of a rich tradition in athletics and cocurricular programs that offer a broad set of opportunities to students.

The commitment of Newmarket residents to the development of its children may be the most defining cultural aspect of this community. This is reflected in the public school system, as well as through the variety of recreational, athletic, and social opportunities provided to children.