Transition/School to Career Services

IMGTransition services are activities that prepare students with disabilities to move from school to post-school life. The activities must be based on the student's needs, preferences, and interests, and shall include needed activities in the following areas: post-secondary education, vocational education, integrated employment (including supported employment), continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, or community participation.
School to Career services are work-based learning activities that provide students with the opportunity to explore a variety of careers. Activities such as job shadows, internships, informational interviews, and extended learning opportunities are examples of work-based learning activities.

Each student is required to complete two job shadows prior to graduation.

Mr. Levasseur is frequently out of the building transporting students or meeting with potential job sites. To ensure that your school to career and transition needs are being met, appointment slots have been created for you to arrange time to meet with him. He can also be reached via e-mail at or at
(603) 292-7676.

Click here to book an appointment with Mr. Levasseur. If one of these times does not work for your schedule, do not hesitate to send him an e-mail for alternate times.



As stated above, transition services help to prepare students with disabilities for post secondary life. Transition services are a required part of the Individualized Education Plan once a student turns 16. The IEP team may determine if a student is eligible for services earlier. Prior to the Annual IEP meeting, students meet with the transition coordinator to begin developing a student centered transition plan. The information gained from this meeting entered into the student's IEP for team approval. 

Job shadows must be completed by the end of your senior year. There are opportunities during your junior year in civics and economics to get these completed for class credit as well.  All students must come to Mr. Levasseur to get job shadow sites approved by the Department of Labor. Mr. Levasseur is also available to help students find a site for their job shadow. If you would like help setting up a site, first semester students should check in with Mr. Levasseur before Thanksgiving break. Second semester students need to come in beforeMother's Day weekend. 

Prior to attending the job shadow, students are required to complete ALL pre-job shadow assignments. This is to ensure that students are invested in and prepared for the visit. A copy of the form cab be found in the "Forms" section of this webpage. Once the packet is complete the transition coordinator will help you to coordinate a date for your job shadow. 

Extended learning means: the primary acquisition of knowledge and skills through instruction or study outside of the traditional classroom methodology, including, but not limited to, apprenticeships, community service, independent study, online courses, internships, performing groups, and private instruction.

Students interested in participating in an ELO should speak with guidance to determine when it best fits their schedule.  

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