School-to-Career Opportunities

Source: Student-Parent Handbook

Students at Newmarket Jr./Sr. High School have the opportunity to participate in several programs that help students contribute to the community and at the same time learn about ways of using education in practical ways. These opportunities are called School-to-Career. They include:

Community Service: The chance to work in the community helping other people and at the same time earn school credit toward graduation.

Job Shadowing: The chance to explore career choices through observing people at work in a variety of jobs in the community, for several hours or a day at a time.

Internships: The chance to spend several days or weeks at worksites related to career choices, possibly for credit.

Cooperative Education: The chance to combine classroom instruction and paid or non-paid work experience related to career choice.

Post-Secondary School and College Agreements: The chance to take a course at a technical school or college while still studying as a student at Newmarket High

Apprenticeships: The chance to work as a registered youth apprentice at a trade or technical skill worksite.