Community Outreach & Service Program

 The administration and staff of Newmarket Junior-Senior High School are committed to the benefits of community outreach and service projects. These are projects that require the student to go out into one’s community to implement, enhance and assist with a service project that improves the quality of life and provides assistance. This is a learning experience that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. The staff of Newmarket Junior-Senior High School is committed to the benefits of these projects and also acknowledges that students should be recognized for their work and efforts in providing these service projects. In an effort to provide this recognition, we have initiated a process that will allow students to request that course credit be awarded for approved outreach and service projects. In addition to the awarding of course credit, students can also utilize the staff of NJSHS to formally supervise their efforts related to service projects by validating or officially recognizing student participation through the use of school letterheads and letters of recognition than can be included in the student’s college application portfolio.

Individual students who are requesting the awarding of course credit for their service project(s) must have the projects approved and monitored on a regular basis. Course credit will be awarded using the following guidelines:

  • 180 hours of service is equal to one credit.
  • 90 hours of service is equal to one-half credit.
  • 45 hours of service is equal to one-quarter credit.

Source: Student-Parent High School Handbook