Career Development Graduation Requirement

Approved by the Newmarket School to Career Steering Committee January 10, 2006

Given the reality that today’s students must complement strong academic skills with equally strong career development skills, members of the School to Career Partnership Steering Committee proposed the addition of a .25 credit Career Development graduation requirement which the Newmarket School Board approved in January 2003, effective beginning with the class of 2007. Thus, all students are now required to complete, by the end of the twelfth grade, a number of pre-determined tasks, activities and experiences. Those tasks, activities and experiences include, but are not limited to, the list that follows, divided into the four years of high school. The School to Career Partnership is charged to amend and adapt these tasks, activities and experiences as new and/or better ones are discovered and as needs to prepare for the world of work change.

Through the curriculum implemented by the Guidance Department, the School to Career Office, and classroom teachers, by the end of 9th grade, students will have:

  1. Created an electronic Career Portfolio
  2. Completed an Interest Inventory.
  3. Completed a Work Values Inventory
  4. Completed a Learning Styles Inventory.
  5. Identified at least one Career Cluster that matches interests, work values and learning style.
  6. Completed a Four-Year High School Plan
  7. Attended a career fair.

By the end of tenth grade, students will have:

  1. Completed a second Interest Inventory
  2. Updated their four year high school plan
  3. Updated and/or revised their preference for Career Clusters
  4. Completed one job shadow experience related to their identified Career Cluster.
  5. Completed an evaluative report of that job shadow experience.
  6. Completed a resume.
  7. Attended one career fair
  8. Visited one employment site.

By the end of eleventh grade, will have:

  1. Completed a third Interest Inventory.
  2. Completed a second job shadow experience, with evaluative report.
  3. Refined Career Cluster preference
  4. Updated resume.
  5. Attended one college representative visit or employer interview.
  6. Attended one college fair or trade fair.
  7. Identified employability skills.
  8. Created a tentative post-secondary plan.

By the end of twelfth grade, students will have:

  1. Completed a fourth interest inventory assessment to confirm chosen Career Cluster(s)
  2. Attended one college or occupational fair.
  3. Attended two college representative visits or employer interviews.
  4. Created a Career Portfolio.
  5. Finalized post-secondary plan.
  6. Completed a graduate survey.
  7. Graduated!