School Counseling Services

Your counselors at Newmarket Jr./Sr. High School feel that counseling is the key to the guidance service they offer. Counseling is a type of helping relationship in which counselor and student communicate about feelings, attitudes, plans, and ultimately about decisions. The counselor is in a position to act as a listening board, offering alternatives and information so that the student may more fully develop his/her self understanding and capacity for self direction.

Teachers are in an ideal position to be aware of students in need of counseling and refer them to the guidance personnel. When a student demonstrates his/her inability to be a good school citizen or other signs of poor adjustment, he/she may be helped by the counseling process. The guidance personnel also refer to outside agencies if the student's needs cannot be met within the school structure. Parental permission may be requested.

Students are encouraged to make use of guidance services by making their own appointments with a guidance counselor. Be sure to let someone know if you need to talk with a counselor immediately.

Other information available in the guidance library is a comprehensive collection of school, college, vocational, and educational materials. Group guidance and counseling sessions will be conducted as needed to best serve the interest of the greatest number of students.