ALEKS is an acronym for Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces.It is a web based mathematics application that can help students learn math and uncover strengths and weaknesses in each student’s mathematical knowledge base. ALEKS uses artificial intelligence to target gaps in individual student knowledge.

Newmarket School District began using ALEKS during the summer of 2010 and it has made a dramatic impact on student learning. The focus of our current ALEKS use is math remediation. It uses a standards based curriculum that can be specifically aligned to NH state standards.

We have three main uses of ALEKS: Remediation, Enrichment, and Credit Recovery.

Remediation: Students who demonstrate deficiencies in their standardized math test scores are using ALEKS to help patch gaps in their math knowledge base. This will occur in some math classes and in targeted Math Labs.

Enrichment: ALEKS can also be used for a.) skipping over a scheduled math class through independent summer study; b.) reinforcing a previous year of math through summer study; or c.) working ahead to preview upcoming topics in a current math class, thereby increasing one's confidence.

Often students in seventh grade choose to cover the eighth grade curriculum in ALEKS in order to take Algebra I their eighth grade year. Some start at the beginning of their seventh grade year and do this at a relaxed pace at home or during study hall time and others try to do it over the summer between seventh and eighth grade. Students and parents should decide which plan is the best fit. Parents who hear their children complain about math being too easy should strongly consider having their child use ALEKS to advance a grade level. We want all math students to feel challenged in their studies.

Credit Recovery: ALEKS may be used as course recovery for a.) failed math classes or b.) to improve grades to make minimum "cut scores" (see our Program of Studies for required scores to enter next-sequenced math courses. For example, to advance from Algebra I L4 to Geometry L4, students must earn a C average in Algebra). Credit for failed classes can be regained via Summer School or Math Lab in the following year, both of which utilize ALEKS in a classroom setting. Students who pass a class but do not make cut scores will be allowed to choose between Summer School, Math Lab or independent work over the summer.

NJSHS students and parents who are interested in learning more about ALEKS should contact Guidance Director, Justin York or Math Department Chair, Kyle Russell. For some general information please check out the linked videos below.

Aleks 2 minute introduction (

Aleks 12 minute tour (