Tuesday April 16

Cast and crew of the Newmarket Drama Club will have their end of the year celebration on Tuesday April 16th from 2:45 to 4 pm!  Cast t-shirts will be given!!
-There will be a Senior Class Meeting in Mrs. Blalock's room, Tuesday April 16. 
-There will be a Senior Class meeting during Advisory in Mrs. Blalock's room on May 3. Please bring your device with you for live voting.  
-Student council will be collecting canned food in advisory until April 18th
-We still have some openings for the service trip to Peru in June 2020.  Sign up using the link below, and please see Mrs. Rosenberg or Mr. Soster with questions!
- HS yearbooks are on sale. You can purchase a yearbook for $45.00. A limited number of yearbooks will be available and they are sold on a first come first serve basis. You can order your book at jostens.com or see Mr. Anderson in the library with cash or check made payable to NJSHS to place your order.
- Chess club will be meeting every red day during all lunches. Check the sign in the cafeteria for locations. Bring your food, bring a friend, and play some chess