Grade 7 Language Arts

Ms. Therriault and Ms. Garrant

Welcome to Grade 7 Language Arts! We are a class based around a workshop model.  That means that we value choice in the reading and writing process.  In our class, we choose our own texts and build the skills necessary to understand them.  We develop our skills of communication and voice in writing and speaking.  Be ready for an adventure in choice, voice, and expression.

  • Sentencing and Paragraphing 
    • We start our year with laying the foundations.  In this portion, we explore what makes a sentence a sentence.  After that, we explore building and organizing our sentences into paragraphs. 
  • The Mini Story 
    • How can we make revisionary choices to get the most real estate out of our words?  This project is about focusing in on the elements of a story and choosing appropriate words and verbs to tell a strong story in only 150 words. 
  • Persuasion!
    • Persuasive Blogging 
    • A Persuasive Debate 
    • Formal Persuasive Writing  
  • Informational Writing! (Coming in Spring 2020)

Reading Workshop

Reading with fluency and comprehension is vital to moving forward in school and in life.  We build fluency and comprehension through allowing students to read choice books and encouraging them to move up in complexity as the year progresses.

Homework: Read 20 minutes every night (Monday through Friday).  No other homework will be assigned. 

In class: Read for the first 10 minutes of every class.  Complete Reading Response to interact with our texts every week.

We use a variety of low-stakes speaking and listening opportunities to build speaking skills and confidence throughout the year.  Students are invited to give group talks, and students must participate in group discussions during "Group Challenges".  

Our formal opportunities for presentation occur in the following two formats: 

There will be a formal graded fishbowl debate. 

There will also be a formal graded informational presentation.