The Science Department offers courses in many fields of science. The goal of these courses is to create a scientifically literate student body as well as to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills that will allow students to achieve success in future science courses at the collegiate level. Also, in the increasingly technological world that society is becoming a solid background in science is necessary in virtually all endeavors.

All students entering the Science program begin with 9th grade Physical Science in College Prep or Honors levels. In the 10th grade Biology is offered again at three levels 4, 5, and 6. Students continue Science in the 11th grade with Chemistry at level 4, 5, or 6. In the 12th grade, Physics is offered at levels 4 and 5. Also for the 12th grade, Anatomy and Physiology and Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry are offered, which are important for students considering careers in the biological sciences, engineering, and the health fields.

Advanced courses in science require a solid background in Mathematics.