Kelly Harkins, Reading Specialist

251-253 Reading Workshop Level 3-5 0.5 Credit - One Semester
This course is an invitation to students who wish to devote more time to reading. Guided by the teacher, students will read works that match their interests and that will challenge them to read for their personal satisfaction or for a specific use. Students will have the opportunity to read, discuss, and write about a wide range of texts, including different genres and subjects. This class may be taken more than once. Open to grades 9 - 12.

The Wilson Reading System
The Wilson Reading System teaches the English language. It is designed for students who struggle with decoding and spelling. Therefore, this system directly and systematically teaches students how to fluently and accurately decode (read) and encode (spell). This system is interactive and multisensory as well as structured and consistent.

For more information, please visit the Wilson Reading website