511 Concert Band
Level 4
0.5 Credit - One Semester
1 Credit - Full Year

Concert Band will function as a traditional performing ensemble comprised of wind and percussion instruments. The repertoire for the concert band will be drawn from approved state lists and other accredited sources. Students may join the concert band regardless of their own level of proficiency. However, students who have never played a band instrument must make arrangements with either the band director or a private instructor to take instrumental lessons before being admitted into the program. Students will be evaluated and graded on the basis of their ability to perform the skills and display the knowledge described in the “core competencies” section of the syllabus as well as on their participation and effort. The Concert Band will perform a minimum of two concerts during the academic year and may travel to one or more festivals or competitions throughout the school year. Participation in all performances is mandatory and constitutes a major portion of the students grade. Students will be expected to practice their instruments outside of rehearsal.