Family and Consumer Science

Nancy Castellon

951 Foods and Nutrition Level 4 .5 Credit - One Semester
This course will include the study of nutrients, deficiency diseases, making choices of foods in one's diet, and food preparation skills; proper use and care of tools and equipment, knowledge of measurement and equivalents, and kitchen safety and sanitation. Students will have the opportunity to participate in labs as well as observe and participate in demonstrations. Baking, meal planning and preparation, foreign foods, and career awareness are emphasized in the laboratory setting.

952 Foods I Level 4 .5 Credit - One Semester
This course emphasizes a variety of cooking techniques and the utilization of small appliances and specialized tools in cooking labs. Labs will be focused on the food groups and will also include proper use and care of equipment, safety and sanitation, measurement skills and knife skills.

953 International Cuisine I Level 4 .5 Credit - One Semester
This class will explore the diversity of foods and cooking styles from different countries, regions, religions and cultures. You will experience the techniques and flavors by actually preparing recipes chosen from foreign cookbooks, family recipes, and Internet recipes. Yes, this is a "hands-on", taste-bud-tempting course! You must be eager to taste-test, so bring your enthusiasm and willing hands and join this class for some creative fun. It promises to be "full...fulling"! Grading will be based on active participation, initiative, follow-thru and thorough clean up. Safety and sanitation standards will be followed by all students to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. Recommended for Juniors and Seniors.

954 International Cuisine II Level 4 .5 Credit - One Semester
This class is an extension of International Cuisine I and explores more of the regional cooking within different countries. Cooking skills and techniques will be perfected as these students also mentor International Cuisine I students. Grading will be the same as International Cuisine I. In addition, these students will use computer technology to create an International Cuisine recipe CD using digital photographs of the International foods they have prepared along with the actual recipes used. They will gain experience not only in food preparation but also in food styling, by staging food photo shoots (choosing appropriate dishes and props, back drops and lighting etc.), putting the photos together with their recipes and then saving it to a CD. This International Cuisine recipe CD will be the culmination of their most admirable recipes and will be added to each semester and will continue to evolve. Recommended for Juniors and Seniors.

955 Child Development and Parenting Level 4 .5 Credit - One Semester
This course explores the family as the basic social unit. Prenatal care, pregnancy and birth, responsible parenting practices, heredity and environmental forces, birth order and family dynamics, health care, neurological stimulation, the importance of play, needs of "special" children, and child abuse and neglect are explored through the ages and stages of the fetal and neonatal periods, infancy, toddler-hood, and preschool to school-aged children.
956 Sewing and Decorating Skills Level 4 .5 Credit - One Semester
This course will accommodate students who have sewing skills and those students with an interest in sewing but with no previous sewing experience. Students will learn proper operation and care of a sewing machine and will create a Sample Book of seams and seam finishes. Fabric and textile selection and care are studied, as is pattern selection, layout and cutting. Students will construct clothing apparel (ex: pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, hats, mittens, etc.) and home decoration items (ex: drapes, curtains, valances, chair cushions, appliance covers, aprons, etc.). They will use a variety of fabrics from cottons to wools and satins to fleece.

957 Advanced Sewing Level 4 .5 Credit - One Semester
This course requires students to have the prerequisite sewing skills. Students should have familiarity with following pattern directions and experience using a sewing machine. The class is meant to enhance and guide students through the more detailed and difficult process of expanding their skills. The patterns selected by each student will be more complicated - more pieces and more detailed - different types of zipper applications, set-in sleeves, collars, lapels, interfacings, plackets and pockets. The types of garments chosen to construct can be from everyday wear (shirts & blouses, pants & skirts, coats & jackets) to evening wear (prom dresses), to custom designed dog coats or horse blankets! Proper fabric selection and techniques for sewing and pressing a variety of textiles will be explained (velvet, corduroy, stain, silk, taffeta and knits).