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High School BIOLOGY  will introduce the fundamentals of living organisms. An emphasis is placed on developing an understanding of the universal chemical of life: DNA.  This material creates cells and directs the processes of reproduction, genetic inheritance, and evolution. Living creatures play a role in maintaining order in the Earth’s natural systems.  Humans are animals that have a critically important obligation to understand and care for the balance of these systems.

Fall Semester will focus on the chemical structure and function of DNA. Students will engage in discussions and use a variety of materials (textbook, video, science news stories, data from research) to navigate through projects and challenges in both individual and team settings. Students will be trained to use the microscope.  Three biological themes (Cell Structure & Function, Reproduction & Inheritance, Homeostasis) will be our focus. A Portfolio summative will be the capstone project for each quarter of the Semester 1 learning. 

Spring Semester will continue to explore more about patterns of inheritance as students engage in an online game of inquiry called Geniventure. Students will engage in discussions and write scientific arguments supporting claims with evidence and reasoning.  Patterns of inheritance influence patterns of evolution. Darwinian natural selection will be explored. Lastly, how life transforms matter into food and energy to stay organized will be investigated. The remaining biological themes (Evolution, Interdependence of Organisms, Matter/Energy & Organization) will be our focus.  A Portfolio summative will once again be the capstone project for the Semester 2 learning.

Biology is offered as a College Preparatory course for all.  An Honors level is available to those meeting the prerequisites. 

Next Generation Science Standards
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Biology Course Syllabus 
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