Drawing Around The Room - 1st & 2nd graders

This week artists in 1st and 2nd grade are learning about different drawing tools (some familar and some not) and ways to use them. I showed the artists a couple of techniques to try & explore as the move about the room but also told them to try some new things too. I made a worksheet with four boxes on it for them to explore one material in each box. After the artists circulated through all four tables, we came back together on the rug for a discussion. I asked them to think about the following questions and we would answer them individually to the whole group:

  • Favorite/Least Favorite Material & WHY?
  • What covers the most space
    • Easily?
    • Fully (no white spaces)?
    • Hardest (most difficult to use)?
  • What works for details
    • best?
    • worst?
  • Best/Worst for layering/blending?

These artists worked hard & had lots of things to say about these materials. Check out these photos from our work time.


Here's some pictures of NES 1st & 2nd grade artists testing some of our drawing materials!