Drawing Around the Room - 3rd-5th Graders

This week artists 3rd-5th were introduced to the Drawing Around the Room activity which helps us to experiment and test some materials in the drawing center that we may or may not be familiar with using. I made a little worksheet for us to work with during this activity. We practiced making Thick & Thin lines as well as blending colors in two of the three spaces with the third space being a "free" space to draw or experiment as they wanted. We explored Markers, Colored Pencils, Crayons & Oil Pastels and at the end of class we had a brief conversation about some of our findings. I posed the following questions for artists to think about and then respond verbally to the group:

  • Favorite/Least Favorite Material & WHY?
  • What covers the most space
    • Easily?
    • Fully (no white spaces)?
    • Hardest (most difficult to use)?
  • What works for details
    • best?
    • worst?
  • Best/Worst for layer/blending?
  • Any other observations?

I will be laminating these completed sheets for artists to keep in their portfolio to refer back to as we progress through the year. 


Check out some in-progress pictures of artists working!