Title I Plan 2018-2019

Newmarket School District

Title I District Plan Provisions



Students are identified who may be at-risk for reading failure or are having reading difficulty through a variety of assessments.  Besides teacher observation and grade level curriculum we use Dibels, Aimsweb, PAL's, NWEA Superkids reading assessments and AIR.

Individual student success is determined by target growth indicators for all students. 

We assist in the diagnosis of students to the impact of teaching and learning in the classroom based on all student growth with in the class, how each subset grows compared to the regular education students and grade level comparisons.  Our goal is to have all teachers in each grade level progress with all students in coordination with special education, title I and other classroom teachers.

We will assess the program effectiveness by conducting monthly data meetings with all teachers to ensure that student growth is occurring.  If we do not see documented student growth, the classroom teacher will work with the administration to develop a plan to address individual and classroom weaknesses.  Also, each year we will survey staff, students, parents and community members on the effectiveness of the program.

Added value:

Title I Services go “above and beyond” the general curriculum in a number of ways.  We have dedicated teachers and tutors who work individually or in small groups with Title I students to address weaknesses and reinforce strengths in a personal manner.  Students are offered services before and after school, within classrooms, pulled out during instructional times and over the summer.

Coordination and Integration:

The Title I program is housed in a common area with our Special Education Department.  This makes it more accessible for the teachers, tutors and staff to discuss common strategies and solutions for all types of learners.  All special programs within the building are supervised by one individual so that they can organize and arrange schedules so that services are consistent and do not become fragmented.  Professional Development is something that all the staff can take part in as the best practices for instructional strategies often aligns with these specific subgroups. 

Yes we coordinate with pupil services for counseling and mentoring and have a transition plan in place for all students when they are leaving the elementary school to attend other school within and away from our district.

Selection of students:

We use the following assessments as a starting point to look at the most educationally needy or at-risk of failing- teacher input and observations, Student Assistant Team discussions, NWEA, Dibels, Aimsweb, AIR scores, PAL's, and Superkids reading assessments.  We also look at attendance records, previous report cards and discipline issues.

Professional Development:

The Title I and Title IIA Grants are written by building and district administrators and overlap so that professional development is offered in the areas that the school and district has determined as weaknesses.  Reading, math, standards/competency based education, personalized instruction and project based learning are identified areas for professional development monies and teacher training. 

Homeless Children:

Money has been budgeted to offer assistances for transportation, tutoring, and other related services to any and all homeless children and families.  The Newmarket School District has a policy on Homeless Education.  We are diligent in working with the town welfare office on identifying and homeless families.  The town and SAU offices are in the same building and discussion happens frequently. 

Foster Care:

The Student Services Coordinator is the assigned liaison to work with any student in foster care.  One of the primary responsibilities of this job is to assure that foster children will be enrolled and educated immediately.  This individual must keep disaggregated data on all foster children. 

Migrant Students:

Migrant students will be provided space and selected to receive Title I Services based on the same criteria as other students.

Parent Involvement:

A parent informational night occurs in mid to late September each year to encourage parent participation in the planning of Title I Services.  Another parent meeting occurs in late May to review and improve the program through community and parent feedback.  Parents are given a survey that allows for written suggestions as well as responses to districted formulated questions.  The Newmarket School District does have a Parent Involvement Policy.  It is the job of the Title I Program and Assistant Superintendent of Schools to provide parents with opportunities and access to professional development. 

Parents are part of the planning and review process for all private schools that are associated with the school district.  The Elementary School in coordination with the  Superintendent of Schools ensures that an annual meeting occurs each year. Each year the district conducts a training with all staff within the first 2 days of school on the importance of parent involvement and criteria within our schools.  Parents will be disseminated information through monthly newsletters, email blasts, teacher feedback and through the community cable channel.