Ms. Grube's
​Third Grade Classroom


As a class we agreed on expectations for the year.  Your child and their classmates created a list of rules and expectations for us to remember throughout the year. 

“In 3EG we agree to be kind, helpful and careful.  We will be respectful, responsible and safe at all times.  We will work hard, be thoughtful and thankful.  Of course, we will always try our best and have fun!"

Ms. Grube standing by sunflowers

Some things I love are Nellie (my dog), Henry (the third grade giraffe!) and my family and friends.
​Nellie and I love spending time outside, and we especially love the beach!

Ms. Grube and Nelli at the beach

We do a lot of fun things in third grade.
​and I have a LOT of fun teaching! 

In the spring, I am one of our Newmarket Girls on the Run coaches!  GOTR is an amazing program that runs for 10 weeks for girls in third, fourth and fifth grade!

Girls on the Run club photo Girls on the Run club photo Girls on the Run coaches, backs to camera


​This is my sixth year teaching third grade in Newmarket and I LOVE it!  I have quickly realized how wonderful this community is and I am so thankful to be a part of it.  

Before I taught in Newmarket I worked in a few different districts.  I worked in Salem NH, Londonderry NH and Auburn NH!  Each of these experiences were helpful to my carreer and helped me get where I am today!  I still return to teach summer school to three, four and five year olds in Londonderry each summer. 

Math Facts

Multiplication is a big focus in third grade!  We practice addition and subtraction to begin the year, but those facts are expected to be kept up throughout the year.  We work on skip counting, starting on any number and counting up and down (add 4, subtract 9, etc.). Students use cuisenaire rods to understand why and how they find answers to facts.  To master a fact, students should be able to write facts in 3 seconds or say them orally in 2 seconds. 
We learn multiplication facts in this order: x1, x10, x5, x2, x9, x4, squares, x3, x6, x7, x8
Helpful Skills to practice:
  • skip counting (forward and backward)
  • addition facts
  • subtraction facts
  • multiplication facts
  • fact ladders
  • completing empty number lines
  • word problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication and equal sharing)
  • timed fact fluency
  • counting money
  • clock reading

Math Skills

We teach by using a combination of Professor Mahesh Sharma's Math philosophies and Everyday Math. 
Link to information regarding Professor Sharma: click here

Professor Mahesh Sharma has many helpful tools available on his website.  Below you will find a few PDF's of articles describing how you can help your child and two ladders, used to practice facts.  

Link to: Addition Ladder
Link to: Multiplication Ladder 

Link to: Games and Skills 
Link to: Number War Games

We cover a few topics each month, below are the skills we teach throughout the year. 

  • graphing
  • maximum, minimum, median, range
  • fractions
  • measurement
  • conversions of measurement
  • 2 digit x 1 digit multiplication
  • elapsed time
  • geometry
  • angles
  • point, line, ray
  • parallel, perpendicular
  • parentheses
  • weight/capacity
  • equal sharing (division)
  • multiplication
  • arrays
  • area
  • fact families
  • skip counting
  • math vocabulary
  • place value
  • expanded notation
  • rounding
  • addition with regrouping
  • subtraction with borrowing
  • money
  • telling time
  • perimeter
  • area
  • estimation
  • word problems​


In third grade, we follow Scott Foresman's Reading Street program for spelling.  Each week, students will be given between 10-20 words with 5 challenge words. The amount of words given depends on each individual child's pretest for that week.  Pretests are used to determine what each child knows, so that they can be  challenged and taught to their own abilities.  Each student is given a pretest on Monday and a spelling test on Friday. 
Third grade sight words are expected to be mastered by the end of the year as well.


Reading instruction is based upon Scott Foresman's Reading Street program.  Reading practice and skills are delivered based upon the reading level of your child. Reading instruction revolves around decoding, fluency and comprehension.
To find some great resources for our Reading Street Stories, click here!  

We are lucky to have the opportunity to share reading groups with Mrs. Davenport's classroom, giving us the opportunity to break children into groups specific to each child's reading level and areas in need of improvement.  In reading groups, we read together through the Reading Street anthologies and read chapter books.  Students are encouraged to read chapter books they enjoy at home on their own and with family. 
Practice, practice, practice!   

Storyworks Jr.
classroom password: henry


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Scholastic Reading Club

Many students get very excited to read when new books are available!  I will send home scholastic reading club book orders each month for anyone who wishes to order.  Scholastic Reading Club provides inexpensive books at an appropriate level for your child.  If you wish to order online, follow this link, and use our class code: N4X2Q  ​


We practice writing throughout the day and throughout all subject areas.  Students enjoy writing about what they know, and they will learn to explore their creativity through writing.  We frequently write in journals using prompts, free writes, and creative writing. 
In third grade, we focus on "quality third grade sentences" using predicate expanders, "where, when, why and how."  Students will learn to use graphic organizers to plan their writing, write, edit and revise.  Throughout the year, we will write creative, expository, opinion and narrative pieces.

We switch back and forth each unit teaching science and social studies. 
We will learn:

  • The history of Newmarket
  • Weather
  • Immigration
  • Simple machines
  • Night sky
  • Mapping
Science and Social Studies Field Trip and events:
*In the past we have been fortunate to take a walking field trip to explore some of Newmarket's history
*During our study of Immigration, we travel to Lowell Mills to learn about the history of factories, mill girls and a little about life in late 1800's.  
​*One very exciting event in third grade is the Immigration Simulation where students act as an immigrant traveling through Ellis Island!
*When we learn about the night sky, Mr. Negley pays us a visit to invite us into his traveling planetarium! 
*Toward the end of the year, when we learn about mapping skills  we have a special visitor named Mr. MIMAL!

Third Grade Science Fair!
In the spring of third grade, each student is asked to create a science fair project!  This is a very exciting project for most kiddos, as they are able to explore inventions and inquiries they may be curious about.  

Ellis Island Virtual Field Trip!

Daily Schedule

8:20-8:55 Morning work
8:55-9:15 Morning Meeting
9:15-10:00 Specials
            Monday: Computers
            Tuesday: Library
            Wednesday: Music
            Thursday: Art
            Friday: PE
10:05-10:25 Snack and Read Aloud
10:25 Theme Unit (science or social studies)
10:50-11:40 ELA
11:40-12:35 Recess and Lunch
12:45-1:45 Reading groups
1:45-2:40 Math
2:45-2:55 Ketchup & Choice, End of day routines


​Click to download the homework menu guide or to download suggested spelling practice choices.

Spelling Homework: 

Our spelling lists are generated from our reading program, Reading Street by Scott Foresman. 
Use this link to Spelling City to access your spelling list and spelling games to practice your words! 
​*You have to remember the story we are reading in reading groups this week to find your list!


It is expected that in third grade, each child reads a minimum of 20 minutes per school night.  Those 20 minutes can include reading alone, reading aloud or being read to.  Reading at home is a great way for students to explore new books, read freely and learn to enjoy reading! 

One wonderful website we use in our classroom is EPIC!  It is an online book resource where students can read or listen to a story (and some other fun things) from their computer or tablet. If you would like to use it at home, it does require a paid subscription. 

​Here is the link to access EPIC!  Our classroom code is LLN-8830.

Math Facts:

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Xtra Math
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Prodigy Math
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Cool Math Games
Math Playground
Flash cards

Helpful Links:

Fraction games: 
Fractions of a Set

Simple Machines: Tinkerball


Symbaloo Links

Storyworks Jr.
classroom password: henry


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