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Phone: 659-2192 (school office)

If you need to contact me about your child taking a different way home, please call the office.

In November we will begin our study of Native Americans. We will compare and contrast the Native Americans of The Plains and The Southwest. We will focus on housing, food, clothing and crafts.

Our Math focus for November will be telling time to the hour and half hour and counting coins (pennies, nickels and dimes). We will also work on learning our doubles facts (1+1,2+2,3+3,4+4,5+5,6+6,7+7,8+8,9+9, 2-1,4-2,6-3,8-4,10-5,12-6,14-7,16-8 and 18-9).
The app "Math Monsters is a great way to practice math facts!
Our reading focus will be on sequencing the events in a story and author's purpose. We will continue to write our spooky haunted house stories and will work on personal narratives. 
Looking for a good website for listening to stories? Try