Welcome to Remote Learning In First Grade!

I am hoping you all are well managing the current conditions and balancing the weekly learning packets and outside time. Our google classroom is set up and has some links to our awesome authors and some science opportunities. I will continue to update it.

I also hope that you were able to pick up the weekly learning packets. These packets are meant to be done according to the menu by day and with choice. They are not meant to be blasted through. If you are able, setting up a schedule will work wonders so the kiddos know when to expect to have their school brain on. You could even have them follow our regular class rountine if it works for you.

I am only an email away and would love to hear from the kiddos to let me know how they are, if they have any questions, and what they have done.

Stay in touch!

Be well, stay calm and sending virtual hugs, fist bumps and elbow bumps!


Our morning Greeting...

We are here, we are here, it's an awesome day because___________is here!