Newmarket Building Committee

Newmarket School Building Committee School Board Approved:  April 20, 2017

Committee Purpose: The committee shall implement the plan for the Newmarket Elementary School and Newmarket Junior-Senior High School additions and renovations developed by the 2015-2017 School Facilities Committee. "Implementation" shall be interpreted to mean developing a building plan within the budget approved by the voters of Newmarket in March 2017.  Final approval of any building plan shall be by the Newmarket School Board. The committee shall seek public input in its  deliberations. The committee will provide a recommendation to the School Board on the hiring of a Clerk of the Works.

Guiding Principles:  The School Building Committee will work with the schools and project professionals to:

  • Deliver renovated and expanded school buildings that support the educational program and provide flexibility of use now and in the future
  • Provide a healthy physical environment that is conducive to learning and development and which is environmentally sensitive and efficient to operate and maintain
  • Minimize the impact on students' education during construction so that instructional time, curricula, and the supportive environment for all students is maintained
  • Ensure the safety of students, staff, visitors, and local residents with regard to traffic, parking, security, and environmental concerns during construction and upon project completion during normal school operation
  • Maintain an open process with frequent communication with the School Board, educational staff, students, and the community
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Member Role Email
Alynna Lyon  Community Member 
Al Zink  Committee Vice Chair
Anne Swainbank Ellis  Community Member
Eric Botterman  Community Member 
Mark Filion  Community Member 
Michael Kenison  Committee Chair 
Russell Simon  Community Member 
Skip Manseau  Community Member