Construction Project

We’re almost done! 

Fifteen years in the making, Newmarket’s building project has improved the quality of the school experience for students, staff, and families in countless ways.

And it’s all happened on time and under budget.

The district is deeply grateful to the Newmarket community for its steadfast support of the school renovation efforts.

When conditions permit, we look forward to inviting you to a community-wide celebration to mark the completion of this major project.

Jr/Sr High School improvements

  • Increase of over 50,000 square feet
  • More space for classrooms and student support
  • Dedicated space for the visual arts, allowing our arts program to move back to into our main building from across the street
  • Enhanced security for the main entrance
  • Expanded kitchen area with updated equipment
  • Expanded space for the performing arts
  • Major overhaul of our vintage mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, including installation of a new boiler plant
  • Additional student and staff restrooms

Newmarket Elementary School improvements

  • Increase of over 22,000 square feet
  • Expanded space for classrooms and student intervention, allowing the removal of portable classrooms
  • Addition of a beautiful, full-sized gymnasium
  • Increased space for kitchen and cafeteria
  • Improvements to dated mechanical systems
  • Improved traffic flow and parking, addressing prior safety concerns
  • Enhanced security in the main entrance


For records of Building Committee meetings and related construction documents, please click here.

To view video of School Buidling Committee Meetings please click here.