Bus Routes

The safety of all students while riding in school buses is a major priority. Students are expected to behave in a courteous and safety-conscious manner while on school buses. Newmarket School District students are required to obey the directions of the bus driver and to conduct themselves in a reasonable and orderly manner. Misconduct on the bus can result in the loss of riding privileges or other disciplinary action. 

  • All passengers must be seated while the bus is in motion.
  • The driver may assign seats if it is deemed advisable.
  • Permission must be given by the driver before opening a window. Passengers will not extend arms, legs or hands out of a window, or shout at pedestrians.
  • Nothing shall be thrown IN the bus, OUT OF the bus or AT the bus.
  • Pupils shall keep the bus clean and sanitary.
  • Do not talk to the driver except in an emergency.
  • Students shall not mar or deface the bus. Damage done must be paid for by the offender or his/her parents.
  • Do not place lunchboxes, instruments, books or other objects in the aisle.
  • Normal conversation is allowed. However, loud talking, shouting and unnecessary confusion may divert the attention of the driver and could result in a serious accident.
  • No live animals or bulky objects will be allowed without previous permission by the driver.
  • No one may leave the bus any place other than their scheduled stop without a written note from a parent and approval of the principal.
  • If a driver is unsuccessful in obtaining proper behavior on the part of a student, disciplinary action will be taken, possibly resulting in loss of bus privileges.
  • No sharp objects, please.

We encourage ridership on the school buses. However, the right to ride a school bus is directly related to a pupil’s behavior, attitude and practice of Transportation Rules and Regulations. The driver is in complete charge and must be obeyed. Students who misbehave on the bus will be reported to the principal. Reported students will receive an Office Referral Form or Bus Incident Report. (RSAs 189:6-a, 189:9-a, Newmarket School District policies JIC, JICC, EEA, EEAEC)