9/20/19 School Construction News

9/20/19 School Construction News

The Newmarket Facilities Department in cooperation with the Newmarket School Leadership team will be sending out direct to staff updates on the school construction project and  other updates regarding Newmarket Schools.

The Elementary school is at the substantially complete stage which means that we are working on punch list items we have identified during our inspection process.  We have paint touch-up, window shades, door lock refinements, clocks to install, etc.  One big items is the east hallway floors,  we were not happy with the installation of the flooring;  the contractor over a school break period will replace the flooring.  We have quite a few items to still address and refine but we are working on these items.

The JR/SR High school has several areas that are substantially complete that still have punch list items, school supply needs, and refinements.  It is always tough to conduct a major addition and renovation project with school in session.  We have plywood hallways, unpainted walls, library/cafe/classroom area all in one, and many detours throughout the building.

Starting September 30th a large roof replacement project will be starting and running for approximately a month.  You will notice a large crane on site, added dumpsters in the student parking area, and increased workmen on site.  The roof that is being removed contains asbestos so you will notice workers in work suits.  The removal of asbestos containing roofing materials will not impact the school's safety and is complete conducted on the exterior of the school.  All the work and workers are highly regulated and meet all of the requirements by OSHA and NH Department of Environmental Services.  We will have our contract Industrial Hygienist overseeing the project to ensure strict adherence to all regulations.  At no time will there be a risk to the health and safety of students, staff and visitors to our school. 

The second floor closed off construction area is on target to open the first week of November at which time we will be moving classrooms into the new section to allow for the final phase of construction to start in the original 1925 school building.  We will have more information coming.

Finally,  Dr. Susan Givens has made available to all staff a google spreadsheet for requests and punch list items in our schools.  Please fill out this document, it is important that we hear from you.

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