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Welcome to the Newmarket Preschool Program!


 THEMES FOR 2014-15

9/2-9/19 - Welcome Back to School/Zoo

9/22-10/10 - Apples and Follow the Leader

10/13-10/31 - Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything/Halloween

11/3-11/25 - Being Healthy - Nutrition and Thanksgiving

12/2-12/20 - Colors, Same/Different, Christmas

APPS you may like for your child:

Ants Lite - counting with one to one correspondence, and number recogntion

ABC 123 Lite - letter/sound correspondence, ABC song, letter formation, counting, number formation

Letter Quiz - letter/word match, capital/lowercase letter match, writing letters with correct formation, which letter comes next

Kindergarten Readiness test(for parents)  you can answer a series of questions about your child and see if s/he has the skills needed for kindergarten.  (It has a few ideas of things you can do to work on skills your child still needs, but you can always ask your child's teacher for more ideas...)


RELEASED FROM THE USDA - Healthy Kids Recipes


If you are interested in putting your child on our waiting list to be a preschool partner, click on the PDF below for the Preschool Partners Application.


The Newmarket School District holds an ongoing Preschool Child Find Screening Program for children through five years of age.    The program is available to any Newmarket child, but is primarily meant to identify children who are exhibiting delays in development which may later interfere with school success.

Any parent with questions or concerns about their child's development is encouraged to take advantage of this free, 30-45 minute screening.  Daycare providers, preschool teachers and pediatricians are also encouraged to refer parents to call for a preschool screening if they have concerns. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Julie Cooper at 292-7951



 Parent Resource Center

offers information for parents of children with special education needs.


New Hampshire Family Resource Connection

has a GREAT lending library of FREE resources (books, videos, etc) on parenting, children's health, disabilities, education, child care, child development...and lots more


Rockingham Community Action Resource and Referral Agency

provides parents looking for child care and other family supports

relevant information about local agencies that may meet your needs.



These are two great videos about the importance of enriching experiences in children's lives in the first years.

BRAIN HERO (3 minutes)




Preschool Staff:

Anne Cocci, Preschool/Special Education Teacher and Preschool Partners Coordinator

Julie Cooper, Preschool/Special Education Coordinator and Teacher, Child Find Coordinator

Jo-Ann Andres, Teacher Assistant

Adele Walker, Teacher Assistant

Lori Carmichael, Speech and Language Pathologist

Lyn McCann, Occupational Therapist

Anne Tufts, Occupational Therapist

Denise Murphy-Simmons, Physical Therapist

Rose Marie and Heidi, Special Education Bus Drivers

Download this file (CCSS ELA Scaffolding.pdf)Newmarket Preschool English Language Arts Scaffolding[The english language arts standards we work upon in preschool in preparation for kindergarten]
Download this file (CCSS Math Scaffolding.pdf)Newmarket Preschool Math Scaffolding[The math standards we work upon in preschool in preparation for kindergarten. ]
Download this file (Newmarket Preschool handbook.pdf)Newmarket Preschool Parent Handbook[To view: Click to the left on "Newmarket Preschool Parent Handbook"]
Download this file (Preschool Partner Application.pdf)NEWMARKET PRESCHOOL PARTNERS application[To view: Click to the left on "Newmarket PRESCHOOL PARTNERS application"]
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  • Mission Statement

    Our mission at Newmarket Elementary School is to enable ALL students to achieve their full potential. We foster respect, responsibility, and teamwork. We strive to develop in our students a love for lifelong learning in an ever-changing world.

    243 South Main Street, Newmarket, NH 03857 (603) 659-2192 Fax(603) 659-4716

    Artist in Residence Student Created Lamprey River Mural

    Artist in Residence Student Created Lamprey River Mural