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Main Idea/

Between the Lions Online StoriesStarfallHigh Frequency WordsOnline Quizzes over Main IdeaArthur's Story ScrambleArthur's Un-Matching GameLimerick
Beatrix Potter Online StoriesWord MagnetsDolch List PracticeMore PracticeOnline Sequencing Practice (be sure to scroll to the right)Book Vocab MatchGiggle Poetry
Topsy Turvy TalesShort Vowel PracticeDolch Flash CardsKid's Lab Main Idea TutorialScrambled StoriesWord Central Student Dictionary OnlineWizards and Pigs
E-Books OnlineWord Builders Main Idea Practice Page200 Reading ExercisesMultiple Meaning WordsPoetry Teachers
BAB BooksBlends Making PredictionsGuess What?Word PlayWords, Words, Words
 BBC Words and Pictures Compare/Contrast Quizzes   

ABC Order
Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms
Sentence Structure
Suffix Prefix
ABC Order Quizzes Punctuation and Capitalization
Online Grammar Games (scroll down to your grade level)
Punctuation Quiz

Guide Words to the Stars

English Eggs (this is a little tough)
Gamequarium Punctuation Games
Power Proofreading (be sure to click on your grade level)
Letter Generator
(Students learn the parts of a letter and write one)

Math One

click here to see online math manipulatives for third graders


Place Value
Telling Time Money
ArithmattackOdd Way Home Connect the Dots in Multiples of 3 Matching Time Change It
Hidden PictureGrouping by 10's and 1's ArithmattackStop the Clock Counting Change
Addition SurprisePlace Value AAA Math Math Mastery CyberchallengeHalf Hour Quiz Learn to Count Money
Arithmetic Four Expanded Numbers AAA Math Math Mayhem Train Times Money Tutorials
Bowling SubtractionGreater Than/Less Than Lemonade MultiplicationClockwiseHow Much Change?
Subtracting Three Digits Place Value to 1,000 Multiplication Table Number Sense Matching Time Exact Change with Abe
Batter Up Baseball Big Numbers Pick A Number Review Analog Flash CardsEquivalent Sets of Coins
Number Monster Place Value Puzzler Multiplication ArraysFlashcard Clock How Much Money
Number Bricks Place the PenguinCross the Swamp Telling Time BingoPiggybank

Math Two
Interactive Teaching
Problem Solving
Estimating Metric Length Beginning Fractions Find the Other Half Basketball Rounding Find Hurkle
Perimeter of a Square AAA Math Identify Fractions Perimeter Practice Rounding Off Data Interpretation Games Gamequarium
Magic Ruler Fraction Match SymmetryMore or Less EstimatorProbability
Virtual GeoboardEquivalent FractionsNaming FacesEstimation ContraptionCoordinates 1
Measure It! Fraction Shading Mirror ImagingCan you fill it? Coordinates 2
Customary Measurement Equivalent Fractions Shape BookEstimation HundredsClassification
Adam Ant measures perimetersRevisewiseMegashapesRounding Flashcards Game Problem Solving Tutorial
Customary Measures ConcentrationEgyptian Cat Fractions Tesselation Town Rounding Online Tests Test Practice
Liquid Measurement (look for Chapter 9) Math Splat TangramsEstimating the Sum by RoundingProblem Solving Boat


  Water Shed Water Cycle Solar System
Chem4Kids "Matter"   Watershed Game

Round & Round It Goes

Arty Astronaut

Mars Up Close
(excellent video and goes great as follow up to rock unit)

  Yahara Watershed Education

The Water Cycle

Solar System Trading Cards


What is Matter  Watershed Education PA

Interactive Water Cycle Page

Nasa Kids Page

Solar System

Matter Experiement  Locate Your Watershed Ground Water Kids Site

Space Exploration NASA

Planet Escapes

States of Matter
Lesson Plan
Watershed Droplet

Windows to the Universe

Amazing Space

    Water Cycle

(BBK Site)

Enchanted Learning Solar System

Social Studies

Newmarket Immigration  
  Virtual Ellis Island  
  Other Immigration Sites  
  PBS Immigration  
  Immigration Timeline  
  Reasons for Immigration  

When Different People Emigrated

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  • Mission Statement

    Our mission at Newmarket Elementary School is to enable ALL students to achieve their full potential. We foster respect, responsibility, and teamwork. We strive to develop in our students a love for lifelong learning in an ever-changing world.

    243 South Main Street, Newmarket, NH 03857 (603) 659-2192 Fax(603) 659-4716

    Artist in Residence Student Created Lamprey River Mural

    Artist in Residence Student Created Lamprey River Mural