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Newmarket School Project Cut to Minimum

posted Jan 2, 2014, 6:03 PM by SAU31 Webmaster
12/23/2013 - Newmarket Superintendent Jim Hayes unveiled the new design for a future Jr/Sr High School at a public hearing on Monday, December 16th. The re-designed construction project cuts 22,000 square feet from the design previously approved by the Facilities Committee and the School Board. Dr. Hayes' presentation, site and facility drawings, and detailed information about the cost estimate and financing are available on our website under Key Documents.

In redesigning the facility, the goal was to reach a design with the least amount of space that would still support the program offerings, provide for the projected enrollment in grades 6-12, meet the minimum state standards for classroom size, and comply with all applicable codes. They arrived at a two-story design as opposed to the earlier three-story design.

The biggest change was to eliminate the new gymnasium, requiring students to cross Route 152 to take physical education classes. That change, however, necessitated inclusion of an assembly hall that would seat approximately 250 students with a stage similar to the school's current stage. "Having a space for large group instruction, speakers, class and school-wide meetings and performances is essential to operating a secondary school. This assembly hall offers a compromise to those who were against the much larger auditorium in the previous design." The space will have some of the elements of an auditorium, like sound and lighting systems, but will not include stage rigging, which is very expensive.

More space was eliminated by locating mechanical equipment on the roof, shrinking space for tech support and teacher workrooms, eliminating a science lab and spaces for Channel 13 operations and student publications, and redesigning stairwells.

The cost estimate for the reduced-size project is $45.1 million, $5.6 million less than the $50.7 million cost estimate of the previous design.