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School Construction updates

posted Oct 2, 2018, 10:07 AM by Greg Marles
Well, I have been a little behind in updating the blog.

A lot has happen since my last update, the elementary school has quite a bit of block (CMU) walls constructed, new heating system in place and running, underground drainage, room renovations, etc..  The High school of course being a much larger project has the majority of the footings and foundations poured, concrete slab being poured with radiant heat in place, and new support structures are being built.  The appearance on the backsides of the schools show changes daily with foundations, wall construction and steel being placed.  The JR/SR High west side addition has had all of the Geo-piers or concrete piles installed (124 drilled piers) to create a stable base for the new addition.

We would like to offer a Q&A section in the blog going forward; so if you have questions, please feel mail them to gmarles@newmarketnh.gov and we will post the questions and responses on the blog.

Elementary gymnasium

site work
High School sitework